Just installed PDFCreator and I get an error when I try to create a PDF file.

I used PDFCreator in the past but when I upgraded to Vista a few years back the product quit working. If I recall I believe I was told the product did not work with Vista.

Does the new release work with Vista?



yes it does! The previous release had basic Vista support, the current version now runs vry well.

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The install went OK, but I am still unable to open up pdfforge or create a pdf file in Vista. Do I need to configure something else.

The install of 0.9.8 worked fine for me and my client on Vista, but we are getting an intermittent error 481, which seems pretty random. The error window is not always visible, so I then have to open PDFCreator from the Windows menu to kick it back into life. Unfortunately the error makes the Vista version pretty useless in an automated production environment.

Anyway, did your install create the PDFCreator printer? How are you trying to open "pdfforge", and what is that anyways?