Visual Basic 6 COM Scripts Error

I test with Visual Basic 6 , Windows 10.
Run sample project C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\COM Scripts\VB6\VB6_COMTest\Projekt1.vbp

PDFCreatorQueue.Initialize -- This is still OK.

Got error after execute this line.
ShellObj.ShellExecute "RUNDLL32.exe", "PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /k /n ""PDFCreator""", "", "open", 1
error message "Visual Basic Has Stopped Working"
Please help.


is your printer named PDFCreator?
The line you quote doesn’t actually use any PDFCreator object, it tells Windows to print a file to the printer called “PDFCreator” with help of the printui.dll and the rundll32.exe. You can replace this with any other method of printing the file to the PDFCreator printer.

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I just show this line from your sample project because it is a small program for evaluation of the problem.
ShellObj.ShellExecute “RUNDLL32.exe”, “PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /k /n ““PDFCreator”””, “”, “open”, 1

I have already tested with my program that use other printing method which is working perfectly with Windows 8.1, but not working with Windows 10, got the same error when printing.

Error occurs when printing to PDFCreator from Visual Basic 6 under COM interface.
This is the Windows 10 version and build. Maybe there is problem with this Win 10 build.