Watermark - Pdfcreator moves it to the foreground . help

I am using scanned images with a watermark in the background. That watermark is very light and just readable and it does NOT cover text in the foreground. To make it into a PDF I used PDFcreator however my final product puts the watermark in the foreground and the watermark is now strong in color covers the text. How can I get the watermark to just appear the way it does in the scanned document. Is there a settings somewhere? I am using the 2.2.2 version because that is what my co-workers are using. We were using an older version. SInce 2.2.2 works for the other five employees I want to be sure what I need to change before considering the next upgrade. By the way I did download the 2.5 newest version at first - SAME PROBLEM. Hope someone can help me.


very strange issue here; actually a lot of users have asked to add this option to PDFCreator (applying an overlay instead of a background) but I currently don’t know how this can happen randomly, I guess it has to be specific to the documents you are using. Could you send the background and actual document to support(at)pdfforge.org? We would like to have a more detailed look at this,

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