I am trying to get a watermark printed behind a pdf document created with PDF CREATOR.

I started the PDF CREATOR printer to create a PDF. After that I opened  in the form.

I added the watermark text in the watermark text box in  

Proceeding I got an error message

On the forum I found the instruction to add VB code.

As a newbee with pdf creator I have no idea how and whare to add  the VB code in the pdf creator application.

WshShell.Run PathToPdftk & " """ & fname & """ background " & WatermarkPDF & " output """ & tfname & """",0,true

I am looking for a video instruction or an instruction how to proceed.

I am using the latest version 1.2.0 of PDF CREATOR.
Remark: I use the Dutch language, the labels above are translated back into English


Added the errorcodes in the error popup:

Errornumber 53 (nofile found gsdll32.dll)

Modul modGsApi

Procedure callGS

Line 50200


The instructions for using Pdftk are old, at least for adding watermarks.

Here is the script I use to add a PDF watermark to the first page of my print job:

` Option Explicit

`' Path to watermark pdf file
Const Watermark = "C:\\watermark.pdf"

Dim objArgs, fname, tfname, fso, pdf

Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments

fname = objArgs(0)

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

tfname = fso.GetTempName

Set pdf = WScript.CreateObject("pdfforge.pdf.pdf")

pdf.StampPDFFileWithPDFFile fname, tfname, Watermark, 1, 1, false, 1, 10

If fso.FileExists(tfname) Then
 fso.MoveFile tfname, fname
 MsgBox "There was an error adding the Watermark!", vbCritical, AppTitle
End If

Set pdf = Nothing
Set fso = Nothing
Set objArgs = Nothing`

Amend and save the script (using Notepad) to your C drive and then set the "Action after saving" options in PDFCreator to run that saved script.