We Can Selectively Disable versus Uninstall PDFArchitect!

I rely on ancient 2003 versions of Microsoft products - Word, Excel, Publisher, etc. Fortunately, they load fast and are compatible with a newer PC and Vista OS.
However, since installing PDFCreator Free & PDFArchitect, MS Office programs take forever to load and close. PDFArchitect seems to have to reintegrate itself each time I launch Publisher and Excel.
Publisher began taking 10 seconds to open though it still closed instantly, but Excel took a full 15-seconds (unacceptable) to open and nearly as long to close.
I could not find a simple way to disable PDFArchitect (only two tool bar buttons, no mention of how to disable) so I decided to just uninstall it.
Seeing no uninstall.exe in the folder, I resorted to REVO Uninstall.
It was only during the uninstall that setup popped up and offered both a “REPAIR” and a “SELECTIVELY DISABLE” option! So, instead of having to completely uninstall PDFArchitect, I could selectively disable it for those apps! Nice touch… but why no documentation about this?
Thought I’d offer this as a searchable tip here since I didn’t see that feature mentioned anywhere.