Website hyperlink and links not working in pdf

 Dear All.


I have several hyperlinks (websites and emailadress) in my document.

pdfcreator does not recognize them. Only the full email adres is recognized example is working. but the hyperlink is not working. Any idea??

using pdfcreator v1.0




Hi, if you work with Word documents, you can use PDF-T-Maker (see



PDFCreator can only recognize fully written out links or email adresses ( etc), other links will not work.







Sounds like a bug to me Robin.


well it is not a bug, it isn´t and never has been implemented.



why not? Wouldn’t it be useful to people other than me?

The problem is the way this works. As PDFCreator is a virtual printer, it only receives information by the Windows printing system that is relevant for printers. So it gets the command to draw a text that is blue and underlined. Even if we would guess that this will be a link, we are not able to guess what the URL would have been, because it was not transferred.

So this is the technical reason why this is not possible, though it would be really useful.

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Oh! I guess that follows from using the print stream.
However, it would be nice to have (a) the ability to provide the url manually or from a file (b) some warning that links have been incorrectly converted.

Philip, if that is true, why the email hiperlink works?

I Have an excel with links to webpages and a “mailto” hiperlink, this one works and the information to the printer should be the same.



is it really a hyperink, or is it a link? If the string is visible in clear text, this can get detected. Problematic are hyperlinks like this, fully written out links like will also get detected.

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Version 7 of Architect does not reproduce hidden hyperlinks by printing.

If you look to produce pdf with websites, the print option in Opera browser keeps hidden hyperlinks functional. With Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer: no way to keep hidden hyperlinks in the pdf document produced.

Opera can open a pdf document, but it doesn't keep those hyperlinks if you "print" as pdf document to delete pages for instance. Architect does this kind of job properly if you delete pages by using this function, not by "printing".

However, Internet Explore keeps hyperlinks if you save a website as a .mht files.

If you know any other way to keep hyperlinks in documents, please let me know by answering this thread.

Hi, I have the same problem right now, I have two links in my ppt, exporting with creator the email link works, but not the url, that is written exactly like Robin W. writes. On the contrary, it works exporting with other printers.