Webstore buying problems

hello, this email is to the pdfforge people as I was not able to find their sales email.

today I have tried to buy 4 copies of pdfcreator for terminal server. payment failed according to website with some strange set of errors but the actual amount was deducted from my credit card.

so we have 3 problems here.

  1. please fix your webstore.
  2. please ether refund or send keys.
  3. very rude!

cheers and have a nice time.


I’m sorry, that this append. Can you please send an email with your ordernumber or other information you have to support (AT) pdfforge.org? We will resolve this as fast as possible.

Best regards


I have sent the email - no reply yet.


Hi Pavel,

you should have received a reply by now, sorry for the trouble.
The payment process is entirely handled by Fastspring, I can only see in our sales dashboard that apperantly the payment didn’t go through; of course, no charges should have been made to your card in that case. Please check your email for additional details. We will make sure this gets solved as soon as possible.

Best regards,