What happens if the subscription is not renewed?

I just purchased PDF Architect 7 Pro with OCR and E-Sign.

What happens after 1 year if I do not renew the subscription?

Do the functions of the Pro version and the OCR and E-Sign stop working or is the account stopped from receiving support and the ability to download any new versions that become available after the first year?

I'm currently using version 5 and am considering upgrading to 7 Pro and have the same question re what happens if subscription not renewed? I assume Pro functionality stays as it is but the product cannot be upgraded to any new versions at that point in time, i.e., after subscription expires?

Would someone from licensing answer this question please? Thank you.

Sorry for the long wait.

PDF Architect Plan is a subscription that needs a yearly renewal.
Once the license runs out, you'll not be able to use the PDF Architect Pro features.

Feel free to contact our PDF Architect Support team for further questions: https://support.pdfarchitect.org/hc/en-us/requests/new