When automating PDF creation, some files are skipped?

 So I've written a little wrapper utility that allows a user to select multiple Word Documents, and then convert each of them into a separate pdf file. I used the .NET samples as a guide. My code is below:


        Dim fileinfo As System.IO.FileInfo

        Dim sFile As RadListDataItem

        Dim sPDF As String

        Dim opt As PDFCreator.clsPDFCreatorOptions = pdfCreator.cOptions

 Dim DefaultPrinter As String

        For Each sFile In radFileList.Items

            fileinfo = My.Computer.FileSystem.GetFileInfo(sFile.Value.ToString)

            sPDF = fileinfo.Name.Replace(".docx", "")

            sPDF = sPDF.Replace(".doc", "")

            With opt

                .UseAutosave = 1

                .UseAutosaveDirectory = 1

                .AutosaveDirectory = txtSaveLocation.Text

                .AutosaveFormat = 0

                .AutosaveFilename = sPDF

                .RemoveAllKnownFileExtensions = 0

            End With


            If My.Computer.FileSystem.FileExists(txtSaveLocation.Text & "\\" & sPDF & ".pdf") Then

                My.Computer.FileSystem.DeleteFile(txtSaveLocation.Text & "\\" & sPDF & ".pdf")

            End If



            With pdfCreator

                .cOptions = opt



                DefaultPrinter = .cDefaultPrinter

                .cDefaultPrinter = "PDFCreator"

                .cPrinterStop = True


                ReadyState = False

                .cPrinterStop = False

                With Timer1

                    .Interval = maxTime * 1000

                    .Enabled = True

                    Do While Not ReadyState And .Enabled



                    .Enabled = False

                End With


                pdfCreator.cPrinterStop = True

                pdfCreator.cDefaultPrinter = DefaultPrinter

                .cDefaultPrinter = DefaultPrinter

            End With




When selecting 40 charts - sometimes all 40 will generate - sometimes its only 37, sometimes its 39, etc. Its not the specific files, because its not a file that always causes the problem.


Any ideas? I'm super stuck, and when I step through the code, it seems to work fine, which leads me to think its a timing issue, but I don't know what else to do.