When Document is created size defaults to A4

When we create a document it defaults to A4 despite changing the Document - Document Property 2 size to letter.  We have also tried to increase and decrease the size as a custom page to no effect. 

The page that is printed is cutting off 3 - 4 characters on the right.  If we go into the page settings on each pace we can adjust it but that defeats the purpse of this software.

Is there a setting we are missing?

We really like the features and program but this kills the applications useability for us.  If a previous version didn't have this bug would it be possible to get that version until this bug is fixed?






As an update, there are two users on the PC, PDFCreator can be used from either user.  On the domain login, the output is in A4 format (problem).  When tested on the standalone user the print output is to letter size (correct).  The only difference between the two users is that the problematic one logs into the MS domain, the other logs onto the PC alone.  All programs are installed for all users and both users are administrators.  Tested it on another PC on another domain to the same effect (problem).  One PC is running W7 the other is W XP.  Will try the non-domain login on the XP to see if the print will output to an A4 size.