When upgrading, default to only upgrade existing features


I am very pleased with PDFCreator, but I have not installed nor do I wish to use PDFForge, Images2PDF, Hotfolder or any other feature in the package.

When offered/forced to upgrade, I would like you to change the installer so that it only upgrades existing features and keeps the current options.

Upgrading should be silent and non-interactive. The way it is now, I frequently skip versions because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of going through a full installer dialog sequence. Extremely annoying.

Thank you for your understanding


thank you for the feedback. While there currently aren’t any plans for this, I can understand your point. You could run the installer for the update with the parameter /saveinf= to create a inf file which stores your installation options. Then you can run each update with /loadinf /silent for a silent update with only the componets you’d like to use.

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