Where are profiles stored in the system directory?

I am trying to get the profile of one of my computers onto another without manually entering in all the settings.

Where are the settings stored in windows file system? Is there maybe a registry file? I cannot seem to find anything anywhere that relates to the profile settings.


Hi @jcocivera!

The profiles are saved in the registry path below.


However, I'd suggest you use the "Export/Import Settings" feature in PDFCreator, since it's more easy to use.

I was hoping to push this out in a script remotely. So this is perfect.

Thank you so much.

Coming to this a few years later, and I have two questions.
1: What, beyond profiles, are part of this INI?
2: @ jcocivera (or anyone else), how did you handle the automation? The only way to use the INI file I have found is the manually import with that Load Settings button. The only way to automate I am seeing is to do a manual import on a test machine, then export the resultant Registry key, and automate importing that. Which may work, but I am hoping for a more graceful option, like a command line argument pointing to the INI used with the installer MSI.