Which versions of PDF Creator are issued under the GNU-GPL license

Which versions of PDF Creator are issued under the GNU-GPL license? I think version 1.5 is. Are there any later releases so licensed?



every version of PDFCreator is under the GPL license. You can see this here: http://www.pdfforge.org/license

May I ask why you think that the current versions are not licensed under the GPL?

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I downloaded version 10 of PDF Creator from what I thought was pdfforge. I thaought that it was liscensed as freeware. At install I was asked to "register" the program by giving email address etc. A short time after install the program trial period expired. Now I'm recieving emails daily (see copy below) to buy a license. The sender's address is web@pdf-creator.us.This is the link to unsubscribe from the mail list.

Why the "license" fee if PDF Creator is freeware? BTW I do like the program and would continue to use it (ver 1.6).

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PDFCreator is released under a GPL license but it’s not really a free software. See http://forums.pdfforge.org/discussion/comment/8353#Comment_8353

May I ask why you think that the current versions are not licensed under the GPL?

Because your license page says things like “You may not Sell PDFCreator” which completely contradicts the freedoms described in the GPL. If that is the case, it is no longer GPL, it is a new license you made up.

Section 4 of the GPL license you link to says “You may charge any price or no price for each copy that you convey, and you may offer support or warranty protection for a fee.”

@nabber00: Please do not bloat forum threads with off-topic discussions

Just to be clear, we are talking about PDFCreator “the software” being GPL.  PDFCreator “the package” is a mix of many different licenses, both open source and proprietary, I don’t think anyone disputes that.  That license page only applies to part of PDFCreator “the package.”

@ham14: This seem to be the mails from “pdfcreator dot us” (I am avoiding to link to that here). They are selling a software based on our PDFCreator application (at least it was some time ago) and using Ghostscript, both GPL licensed. This guy is trying to camouflage himself by using anonymous domain registrations and things like that. He definitely has nothing to do with us and you may use our PDFCreator for free without limitations or similar things.