White space when creating PDF from images?

I was looking for a free program to convert images to a PDF file. Personally, I HATE PDf files, but it seems to be the format that 99% of the world is in love with, so I need something to create them.


After trying a bunch of "free" conversions programs, which turned out to be nothing more than limited demos, it was recommended that the best way to create PDF files is to use a virtual printer.


So I downloaded and installed PDF Creator. It does what it claims, the only problem is that it emulates a printer too well. This is a problem because it uses a fixed page size when creating the PDF file. If all your images are the same size, you can create a custom paper size, although that's a pain in the neck to do every time you want to create a PDF file.


However, if the images are different sizes, you either have to scale them all to the same size, which is more work and can affect the quality, or set the page size to the largest image, which then leaves the unused portion of the page blank, which looks like crap.

Is there a way to create a PDF file from different sized images and not have it leave blank white space around the smaller images?