Why do you need this software of microsoft word to pdf converter?

  Why do you need this software of microsoft word to pdf converter? Microsoft Word is the most popular and easy tool for word doc creation. However PDF is fact of the standard for the microsoft word interchange over the Internet. If you need to convert your microsoft word to PDF on the desktop, you can use Adobe Professional or one of many plug-ins for Microsoft Word. Also you can use our free desktop tool pdf Workstation for converting microsoft word to PDF. However neither Word nor Adobe Professional is unsuitable for server use. And if you need to convert microsoft word to PDF automatically on your server or if you need your application to be able to do this conversion, the TWEAK PDF converter is your savior.

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What are you trying to say? PDF Creator can create PDFs out of every software that supports printing and can create other formats too (like jpeg etc.). Also it is free, Adobe Professional is about 500$ per user.