Why Is 1.7.0 Mucking With My System?

I just downloaded to upgrade from 1.6.2 to 1.7.0.  I didn't appreciate NOT having the option to bypass having PDFCreator muck with my browser and force me to have it set it to the MSN home page and Bing as the default search.  There is obviously a "custom/advance" option which was disabled so I was forced to have the install go ahead and make the changes which I immediately changed back manually.

Please update this so we're NOT forced to have our system altered like this without the choice to back out.  Thank you.

Yes the “extras” are a pain but it’s not too hard prevent them though it does take a little work

1) Run PDF Creator with /saveinf=“filename” parameter (e.g. PDFCreator-1_7_0_setup.exe /saveinf=pdfcreator.inf) and then carefully install ensuring you don’t install anything unwanted.

2) Run the installer from a batch file using extra parameters and the inf file like below and viola it installs automatically and no unwanted extra software

PDFCreator-1_7_0_setup.exe/silent /sp- /loadinf=pdfcreator.inf

I have tested this with Windows XP and 7 and for me it worked as I wanted. No toolbar, extra software, IE BHO or Firefox addins.

Or use one of the many alternatives, e.g. CutePDF, PrimoPDF (which I also use) & others.

Hope this helps.


it only looks like it is disabled, but you can actually still select it.



Thanks Robin.  I’ll uninstall and reinstall to confirm.

I finally got around to this and it is true that even though it’s grayed out/disabled, it can still be selected.  I hope you guys change this in the next install package.


it has been changed in this package allready, all of the bad designed offer screens have been removed.