Why No Crop Capability?

I have updated to the new PDF Architect 2 PRO + OCR. I have searched on the forum for “crop” and find that people have been asking about a “crop” capability since 1967. The bad news seems to be that PDF Architect 2 PRO + PRO does not have a crop feature.

So, what;s the problem. I have PDFill PDF Editor that will crop – and it is a whole lot less expensive than PDF Architect 2 PRO + OCR (but I prefer PDF Architect 2).

Robin W. has responded to inquiries with, " there is no real crop function for cropping a part of the page, only for images" to these requests.

Robin, you have told us that there is not this feature, BUT you have not told us why it has not been added since people have been asking for it since 1967.

So, why is this feature not included??? When will this basic feature be added???


you can create a snapshot and use the “create from clipboard” function (both included in the free modules) to simulate cropping. Does PDF ill editor do a real crop (as in is the cropped text still searchable,do form fields get preserved, or does it simply make a snapshot and create a new file from it?). 

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We bought enough licenses PDF Architect and now I found that really does not cropping pages (only for images). It seems to me that you’re just a little lazy to finish this function. I do not need to manually trim them page by page. I need to trim such as 10 pages at a time according to the selection. For example, Adobe Acrobat has this function and works without problems.


thank you for the feedback.
While this might seem like a basic, easy to implement feature, proper cropping is a complex operation in PDF files, it is never a question of “lazy” but rather how priorities are placed. Bug fixing generally should have a higher priority than adding features, also this isn’t one of the most asked for features. Of course, if you are unhappy with your purchase you can receive a full refund within 30 days of the purchase by contacting our reseller upclick ( www.upclk.com ).

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