Why no margins?

I have a problem with the outprint, the PDF file that is created has no margins. The result is not the same as a print directly to printer. I want to print centered, but now it will print left-aligned.

Can I set margins or will it be added in a future version?


Hey, no one else has this problem?

The created PDF fil is not center like if I print it with Adobe Acrobat. That is because the margins missing.

Question has been asked before? 

Hi, I have the same problem too. A4 page is after print bigger than A4. Adobe Reader can correct this in print setup, pdfCreator no.
Direct print throught pdfCreator to any printer is wrong.

What about it?

I have done same more tests. The error occurs when I makes printing from VB and using command Printer.Line. The result is not the same width and height as to print directly to printer.

If I print a line with Printer.Line (X1, Y1 - X2, Y2) I want the line to pdf and the printer will be of equal length. Line becomes shorter to pdf.

The result is that the outprint will not be centered as it gets when printing directly to printer.