Win 7 install failure

I am using PDFCreator-1_0_1_setup.exe to install.

I have installed pdfcreator successfully on several win 7 32 bit machines and it works beautifully, thank you for this program.

On one machine however, the install does nothing.  I 'run as administrator', enter the password, the screen goes very dark (WTF?), several minutes later the screen returns to normal and nothing happened.  There is no pdfcreator directory in Program Files, Add/Remove programs lists nothing about pdfcreator, task manager shows no related processes running, and of course there is no virtual printer, it is as if I never started the install!

I tried to keep task manager open to watch for suspicious behavior, but the screen goes so dark I can see nothing.

The machine has Norton Antivirus, but no other security software.

I searched the forum and found several win 7 problems, but nothing like this.

Any ideas?  Is there some Windows setting that is torpedoing the install? Something else?
Ideas on what to try to tease out what is happening?

Thanks in advance for any help.  Fred