Win Explorer displays file type as C:\\...\\pdfcreator -NOSTART... I want simple pdf display

PDFCreator latest 1.2.3, just upgraded from older release installed with Alibre 3D modeling software earlier this week. Since Alibre and PDFCreator install, Windows Explorer has been displaying file type as C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator\\pdfcreator.exe -NOSTART -PF"%1". This is annoying. I really would like to revert back to the old display of "pdf", or whatever it was (perhaps something like Foxit Reader document?). On Windows Explorer I have file type set to open with Foxit Reader, as always, but this makes no difference. Running XP SP3. How do I change the file type display back? Thanks ahead.


this is most likely a windows bug, since "C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator\\pdfcreator.exe -NOSTART -PF"%1"" is the command used to execute PDFCreator and not a description PDFCreator uses for pdf files.