Windows 2008 TS Server with Outlook Problem

I’m having this problem when I using the email button of the application.


PDFCreator 0.9.8 - Error message
Error-Nr: -2147287037 (The operation failed.)
Modul: clsPDFCreatorMail
Procedure: MSOutlookEmail
Line: 50080

I’m running Windows 2008 x64 TS with Citrix. When I have Outlook open and using the email button of PDF creator there is not a problem, but when I have the Outlook closed and try the email button I get the upper Error.


Can somebody help me out what to do?


I have uploaded 2 screenshots on flickr. this is without the error and with the error

Please can anyone help me out. I know it can work. But the question is how.

I've never heard something about this problem. Possible a policy problem, an outlook profile problem or a timing problem. Can you post a screenshot?

I'm having the same problem here, Windows Server 2003 R2, Terminal Server mode, using PDFCreator v0.9.9, exactly the same error message.  It doesn't happen for the administrator user but it does happen for at least one regular user when Outlook is not already open.  Works fine if Outlook is open in the background.  Was there any further research into the cause of this error?





are you using the latest version of PDFCreator (1.4.0)?





Having the same issue on our Server 2008 R2 64-bit Terminal Servers, version 0.9.9.   Outlook needs to be open for this to work otherwise it barfs with Error-Nr: -2147287035 (You don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation) Modul: clsPDFCreatorMail Procedure: MSOutlookEmail Line:50080.    The file does get saved properly in the prior Save As prompt though.


We're running Outlook 2003 SP3 on the Terminal Server.  


Inside PDFCreator Options we have Method to send e-mail as automatic.   Changing it to Mapi Interface causes a different error : "There was a problem sending an email with the standard emailclient!" "Line 0: [32002] Unspecified Failure has occurred".


This all works fine as an Admin User, though, no errors at all.


Anybody able to assist ?


I've got a terminal server windows 2008R2 x64 Without Citrix and got the same issue.Only when i print with the email setting to automatic it works, but seems like it's not possible to save that setting.



Yes, I have installed both versions standard & server installation.

Server installation: nothing happens after not even the print monitor is showen.

Standaard installation: Shows the print monitor, although no wait is turn on, printed document appear in the list, with the status waiting, when clicking on print the error appears.

I'm using Outlook 2007 as default mail client.





the server version is intended to run without user interaction on a server. During the setup, it tells you that you will have to ensure that PDFCreator is running. This version is not intended for a Terminal Server, as the user wants to interact with PDFCreator there.

Does this error also come when you just want to print the file or only when you are mailing it?

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That works just fine. so i figured there has to be another problem and found out that there was an error in the registry setting. So I remove the pdf creator, removed the registry settings and reinstalled, updated the registry settings and it's working great!

Very nice product!!

Thanks for the support anyway!