Windows 7 error? AutoCad error? PDF creator Error?

 Hi All,

when install the pdfcreator 1.2.3 under one administator account in windows 7 domain computer, run it, it was fine, but when login as user account or other administrator account, and open the pdfcreator, it will run in msi first with the header title Autocad naviswork 2012 (and will not successfull to run unstill to the end, i need to press cancel so many time to continua), than the pdfcreator now can use.

This will show everytime when need to use it.

now i looking for the sulotion on this.



 We got the same problem as posted above.

Navisworks Review 2010 and PDF-Creator 1.2.2 - using Windows 7 or Windows XP.

Any user who tries to open pdf creator has to hit cancel 4 or 5 times until the program opens. We tried repairing Navisworks, reinstalling pdf creator - nothing helped. I'd really appreciate any help! Navisworks on its own works fine - but even if I try starting pdf creator with an elevated prompt under Windows 7 it starts msi "Please wait while Windows configured Autodesk Navisworks Review 2010 (64 bit)" and throws the same error message after a second:

Autodesk Navisworks Review 2010 (64 bit)

You must run setup.exe to install Autodesk Navisworks Review 2010 (64 bit)


Get the same issue, how did you it ?



have you allready seen this?
Pls tell if it helps.