Windows 7 -> No admin rights -> PDFCreator not working

There seems to be a big problem on Windows 7 machines, when the user has no admin rights.

Installation under an account with admin rights works fine. The user with admin right can also print without problems.

But all users, that have no admin rights, receive the error 75 (Path/File access error) because PDFCreator wants to do something in a location where the user has no rights.

I found hundreds of threads in various forums about this problem, but no one had a solution. I it really impossible to make PDFCreator working for users without admin rights on windows 7 machines?

Finally, I found the solution.

As mentioned in many threads, the problem is the location of the printer temp path.

The only thing you have to do is to add the following registry value:


C:\\ is only an example. You can enter any path, where the current user has write rights.

I applied that fix and am still getting the same error 75.