Windows 7 - when I print to PDF Creator, NOTHING happens

After using pdfcreator for years and years, this has really stumped me. I updated to the latest 1.7.3 version and now when I print to PDF Creator, absolutely nothing happens. The printer dialog window that normally opens, does not. If I open the pdf creator window manually and leave it open, and then print to PDF Creator, nothing appears in the documents list. Setting PDF Creator to be the default printer has no effect either.  

I’ve uninstalled, cleaned the registry entries with ccleaner, rebooted, run ccleaner again just to make sure, and re-installed PDF Creator but to no avail. I’m using Windows 7 32 bit if that matters. 

I surely do not want to re-install windows just to get this working. I’m hoping theres an easier and more elegant answer!



I answered on the other discussion, I am sure the problem can get solved without taking drastic measures like reinstalling Windows.

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