"Windows cannot find 'PDFCreator.exe'..." after uninstallation on Windows 8

I installed PDFCreator around 10th March 2015 on Windows 8.

A few days back, I uninstalled it using Windows’ Uninstall or change a program. Ever since then, I always get the following message when I start/restart my computer.

"Windows cannot find ‘PDFCreator.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again."

I tried installing the latest version of PDFCreator, but the message persisted. Uninstalling this latest version did not help either.

I also noticed that PDFCreator.exe is still listed as one of the Notification Area Icons after I have uninstalled it.

Please help and advise how I can resolve this.

Thank you in advance.

Where can I download earlier version of PDF Creator (available on the website on 10 March 2014 or earlier)?


this is strange, PDFCreator usually doesn’t even run on windows startup (unless there are pending print jobs). Please go to your users appdata\local\temp folder and see if there is still a PDFCreator folder and delete it if there is. I answered on your other post where to find the old versions.

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Hi. I have exactly the same problem with "onea". I checked already your suggestion about appdata but there is nothing left there. I cant find anything left about pdfcreator but i still have this msg. What else can i do?


it sounds like it might have been setup to automatically start with windows, please check the autostart section of your Windows Task Manger. Another possibility might be a third party application on your system requires PDFCreator in order to export PDFs.
I think the previous post isn't corect anymore, even if there are print jobs left in the appdata folder, this won't trigger a PDFCreator start.

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thank you for your help.
It was finally third party app. It called "prerunvp" and i found it on startup apps. I searched for this and delete it. That was all, but i searched too many times to solve this problem, before your help, without results.
Thank you again.

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