Windows Installer Package - Did you want it?

Dear Mr. Philip Chinery a-/und Herr Frank Heindörfer,
last year, I encountered, Microsoft did something strange:
They published WiX (Windows Installer XML) which is open source (Common Public License (CPL))!
After a frustrating start (because I had no idea about Windows Installer AND XML), I became familiar with WiX. So you can tell me “a friend of WiX” now.
I read that you collected for a donation to build a PDF-Creator.msi package. Now, I had the time to build some “Illustrative material” on how a pdf-Creator.msi could look like.
If there is someone interested, I can upload it and the source files to .
My sample does not contain registry keys, the files and shortcuts but I am familiar in adding them to the Installer. However it shows you how to schedule custom actions (e.g. for installing your printer driver).

If somebody is interested, I’ll upload or even add all the stuff needed to install PDF - Creator. But this will be a lot of work. So I thought asking whether there is interest before would be “time-saving” for me.

What about the license? CPL is incompatible with GPL …
No problem. According to
there is no Problem:
“I would like to bundle GPLed software with some sort of installation software. Does that installer need to have a GPL-compatible license?
No. The installer and the files it installs are separate works. As a result, the terms of the GPL do not apply to the installation software.”

Can I start adding the files? Don’t hasitate to drop me a line!

Yours sincerely

Daumen hoch für so eine starke Aktion!
Vielleicht wird das ja so bald mal was mit einer ordentlichen und v.a. automatisierten Installation.