Words are cropped in Word 2003 metafiles and object


I try to convert word 2003  documents containing Visio 2003 diagrams.

However, in the obtained PDF, texts in thoses diagrams are cropped on their right size by approximatively 1mm.

This happens whatever is the text's position ; if a text has two lignes, both line endings are cropped.

This seems to happens mostly when I resize the picture, but not only.

I tried pasting the diagrams in different formats (word object, visio object, windows metafile) but the result is the same.

Pasting in PNG/JPG format greatly reduce the quality of the diagram.


Would someone have an idea ?

Thank you.

Well, this is not a PDFCreator Issue : I tried acrobat 8 and the text was truncated the same.

The issue happens with resized object in Word.

Saving my diagram as images in Visio and inserting them in my word Document, gives the quality the conventional copy/paste didn't.