Worked fine and now for no apparent reason pdfs are not created anymore

I've been happily using pdf creator for sometime without any problems. I'm using version 0.9.3. on an XP m/c. I'm not aware of any changes to my system.


When using pdf creator I select print and pdfcreator as the printer. Previously I then went thru' the usual pdfcreator screens to name and save the document.


All of a sudden this no longer works. I still select pdf creator as the printer and the computer works away creating the print and I can see the document being created in the printer queue in the Control Panel. However as soon as it is completed it is then automatically deleted and I don't get the usualoptions re naming and saving the document.


It is just gone! Help please?



I have the same problem, print only testpage

I hade the same problem. on a win xp computer

I hade to delete the users profile. (using roaming profiles) on the client.

after it had got the profile from the server again it workd again.