Your site worked when nothing else did! THANK YOU!

I have been trying all day long to make a PDF out of a folder of images, all of which are the exact same resolution, 2048x1024. Simple task, you'd think. I've gone through program after program after program, ALL HAVE FAILED. Every single one of them has outputted a PDF where the images are randomly bigger or smaller than their original size, or the entire project is far smaller than the original size.

Yours is the only thing that worked. A PDF with consistent image sizes, 2048x1024. I CANNOT EXPRESS MY RELIEF AND GRATITUDE. You guys wiped the floor with IrfanView, Microsoft Word, Smallpdf, online2pdf, pdf2go, jpg2pdf, sodapdf, and even Adobe itself. I don't know how you did it, but you did. Thank you.

You are welcome & you have made our day :blush: