PDFCreator no longer working after Windows 10 Creators Update


Does anyone else find that after the latest Windows 10 Creators Update that PDFCreator no longer works. If I try to run the PDFCreator.exe I see in the Task Manager that it runs for a few seconds then immediately closes with no error messages. Printing to the PDFCreator “printer” also just does nothing with no error message or any indication that anything has gone wrong.

PDFCreator (v2.5.2) auf Windows 10 (1703): GUI selbst funktioniert, aber keinerlei Dialog für Speichern beim regulären Drucken

Actually, something else might be wrong as I have a laptop with the same Windows 10 update and the PDFCreator works fine on that machine.
I installed doPDF on my desktop (the machine where PDFCreator doesn’t work) and doPDF works perfectly. I installed PDFCreator again on my desktop (had done a previous proper uninstallation) but the same symptoms remain.


Worked perfectly before update but 2.5.1 is not working anymore here even after reinstall. H.E.L.P.


Yes, same issue as me after the update, but again, my laptop with the same Windows 10 version still works fine but on my desktop, PDFCreator no longer works even with a full uninstall and reinstall and rebooting in between and after.


To add to the above…
My Win 10 Laptop updated a couple of days ago and PDFCreator 2.4.1 works okay.

I don’t have Win 10 installed on any of my Desktops so can’t comment on that aspect.




we haven’t experienced this issue on any of our machines.
Please check if any logs are created in %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\PDFCreator and post them here or send them to support(at)pdfforge.org if there are any.

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