Tool using PdfCreator

I've done 1 utility  program to convert : All printable files to Pdf Files, and to merge all the converted files with links and bookmarks for direct access onto single Pdf file.
The complete functionnalities will only work with PDFCreator installed...

if PDFCreator not installed : only Txt files , images ( many types) can be converted to Pdf

                 the merge functionnalitie and bookmarks will continue to work fine .

Compiled with PowerBasic win 10.03,  today the interface is in French only

fell free to use it, appreciate comments  :
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Reactivating that old post, because the previous link is canceled.

As before full features working with PdfCreator version before 2.0 not after because of the total COM modification.

The english version of the tool is AllToPdf_portable
the french version is TousEnPdf_portable

no need to install

You can download these 2 versions here

You can also find there an modified PdfCreator setup working perfectly with my tool, adapted to never ask to update the version, because if you update to newer version 2.0 and after the tool will work only with limited features Text, Images, Pdf files…

I used that tool from more than 4 years now from winXp up to win10 without any problem and i never noticed from my usage the need for newer version of PdfCreator.

do not hesitate to contact me at

Here on github you can also find an old pfdcreator 1.7.1 setup file adapted to not ask for updates...
For people like me still using pre version 2 COM interface...