Where can I download version 1.7.3?


Am I overlooking something or is the 1.7.3 version is no longer available for download from the website?

That is a big issue as our customer need it as our application is hard linked/compiled against this version and they cannot use 2.1.0 as the COM integration does not work. Also licensing prohibits us from delivering the installer with our own installation.

The issue is even more complex as the developers updated the 1.7.3 version with an updated version, thereby breaking binary compatibility. I do hope they fix this ‘hard-linked’ COM integration with the next version and one API will just be compatible with any 2.x.x version.

Can’t see them either. But here are the links, if you need them.



it is still listed here: http://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfcreator/list (easy to overlook because it is not at the very bottom as might be expected, because the list is sorted in chronological and not numerical order).
The COM Interface should be final with the next release, eliminating compatibility issues with future versions.

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